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What Is A Hydro Oxygen Facial?

A Hydro Oxygen Facial is a treatment that uses a medical grade device to perform Hydrodermabrasion". It is similar to that of microdermabrasion but uses an abrasive spiral tip , a gentle vacuum, and oxygen infused water rather than microcrystals.


How does Hydrodermabrasion work?

Hydrodermabrasion works by spraying a supersonic jet of oxygen infused water droplets while the spiral-shaped tip exfoliates and gently vacuums out dead skin cells, sebum and other cellular debris

This non-invasive technology is effective in dislodging blackheads, flushing impurities and deep cleaning pores, all while the Hydro fusion tip infuses the skin with restorative and hydrating serums, antioxidants and peptides for plumping of the skin and leaving your skin healthy and glowing.

Serums readily absorb into the skin, healing skin from the inside out with immediate results and NO down time.


How can a Hydro OxygenFacial Help Me?

With our cleansing serums and painless gentle suction, excess sebum, debris, and clogging oils are extracted from the pores.

Moisturizing serums replenish and nourish your skin cells leaving your skin fresh, rejuvenated and with a youthful glow.

A Hydro Oxygen Facial can be used to address a variety of skin care needs, including:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Elasticity and firmness

  • Even tone and vibrancy

  • Skin texture

  • Brown spots

  • Oily and congested skin

  • Enlarged pores

Gain consistent results time and time again with this reliably safe and effective treatment as it improves the current condition of your skin. Fight the signs of early aging and protect your skin from environmental pollution and harmful free radicals.



Am I a good candidate for A Hydro Oxygen Facial ?


HydroFacial is suitable for all skin types, including aging or thin skin.

Even the most sensitive skin easily tolerates a HydroFacial.

Other skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema can benefit from this treatment as well. We tailor the corrective serums to treat your unique skin condition.



Can a Hydro Facial be customized for my skin condition?

Hydro Facials can be used to target all skin conditions ranging from targeting dark spots , large pores, and sun damaged areas to addressing fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone evenness, and brightening skin tone. Based on your needs, we can customize your treatment to focus on your skin's issues.


Is there any down time with a Hydro Oxygen Facial?

No, this painless non-invasive treatment allows you to get right back to your regular daily activities.

After your Hydro Oxygen Facial,  you will notice that your skin is brighter, refreshed, radiant, and glowing.


How long does the treatment take?

A Hydro Oxygen Facial session takes approximately 45-60 minutes.

Any add-on optional treatments will add to session time.



What treatments can I add to my Hydro Oxygen Facial?

  1. Lymphatic Drainage Treatment 15 MIN

A process to improve circulation, remove toxins from the skin, & improve skin tone. 


2. LED Light Therapy Add-On 15 MIN

  • Red Light therapy boosts circulation and stimulates collagen production. This therapy replenishes the skin’s elasticity and increases skin hydration. It is also used to reduce

  • Hyperpigmentation,

  • Fine Lines and winkles

  • Anti-Aging

3.  Blue Light Therapy Add- On 15 MIN

  • Has antibacterial properties

  • Improves the appearance of

  • oily/congested skin

  • Reduce acne and enlarged pores

  • Prevent future break out


4. Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning removes dead skin cells and facial hair that tend to trap oil and dirt in the skin. Removal leaves the skin ultra-smooth, fresh and glowing and allows products to penetrate deeper into the skin. Makeup goes on much smoother and flawless afterwards.


How often should I get a Hydro Oxygen Facial?

once every 3-4 weeks

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