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Homes that offer an additional living quarters such as an accessory or basement apartmentarea great additions to any home. These spaces are great for students, newly married family members, mother-in-law, grandparents : or just about anybody wanting the added privacy over a typical bedroom. Many of these accessory apartments have additional amenities , then take on all of the risk of the marketing and administrative costs. This is in the hope they can sell your property at a premium , via an auctioneer’s house buying website. If you have ever asked yourself how selling your house quickly can be achieved, Kendall Partners. is the right choice for you in Chicagoland area. Our Chicago buying experts understand that houses can take a long time to sell and this may become frustrating, especially if you would rather deal with quick buyers whom you can trade your house for cash with. Our team brings a solution to your needs in the Chicago area by offering you the best deals in the fastest possible closing time.two bed houses for sale near meA Victorian cottage in Galveston, Texas a 1900 rowhouse in Baltimore and a one-bedroom apartment in Jersey City, N.J. A Spanish-style cottage in Los Angeles, a two-bedroom home in Sonoma and a fully furnished 1991 house in Joshua Tree. : bathroom remodeling products for your Michigan home, turn to The Kitchen Shop. , A Spanish-style cottage in Los Angeles, a two-bedroom home in Sonoma and a """"""