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Ombre Powder brows vs Microbladed brows

We all know too well the dreadful “ brow drawing session” that most of us perform every morning before we can even THINK about walking out the door. Many of us carry out this time consuming task because leaving home without having brows on is like leaving home naked.

Did you know that there is a way that you could have perfectly shaped natural brows 24/7 that don’t require makeup? Yes, you read it right! You can have brows of perfection everyday with no effort at all on your part. Go swimming or even hit the gym and your brows will stay perfect and flawless through it all with Micro-blading or Ombre powder brows.

Microblading vs. Ombre powder brows Whats the difference?

Both are semi-permanent makeup techniques used to create fuller and more defined brows, and are great options for those with over waxed or tweezed brows or anyone who just wants to improve their brow fullness and shape. Each brow style has it’s own unique method when being applied.

Microbladed Brows

Microbladed brows require a special tool with fine point needles to manually create hair like strokes on the brows mimicing your own natural hair pattern.This is done by inserting pigment through micro-incisions under the surface layer of the skin creating natural brows that are full with a beautiful shape.

Ombre Powder Brows

Ombre Powder Brows is a newer technique used to create a natural soft powder look to the brow using tiny pixelated dots . It’s less invasive and has a soft ombre effect where its lighter in the front of the brow and deepening in color as it gets closer to the tail. Ombre brows can The life span of ombre brows lasts longer than microblading and the results are a beautiful natural soft looking fuller brow that looks as though it has been filled with brow powder.

Combo Brows

Combo Brows are a combination of both microblading and ombre powder techniques together. Microblading hair strokes are done in the front of the brow and ombre shading is done in the middle to the tail of the brow. This technique gives the best of both worlds and results in fuller more shapely brows.

Does it hurt?

Most people feel a mild discomfort such as scratching and that of a sunburn. A numbing cream is applied to the top layer of skin before the first pass. After the first pass another layer of numbing cream specifically for broken skin is applied reducing the mild discomfort that this procedure produces.

How long does it last?

Due to the procedure being semi-permanent, it will fade over time due to your natural skin shedding cycle. As a form of semi-permanent makeup, microblading typically lasts around one to two years. Touch-ups are typically only needed every 12 months. The rate of fading depends on your skin type and your skin care routine. Oily skin tends to fade the quickest while normal to dry skin tend to last the longest. A touch up is required 4-8 weeks following the initial appointment to reinforce color retention.

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